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Useful and Informative Websites Related to Coffee, Kona, and Kona Coffee

Aside from the all the direct Kona Coffee Farm links we have provided in our Coffee Farms, Tours, and Coffeehouses section, here is a list of useful and interesting links related to Kona Coffee and gourmet coffee in general.

Coffee Companion
This website prides itself on being consumer friendly and provides lots of good information for gourmet coffee connoisseurs. Well-known coffee writer Kevin Sinnott is featured on this site.

Coffee Corps
This service organization supports workers and farmers in developing countries, helping to improve their lives. The Coffee Corps is a public-private partnership.

Coffee Cuppers
This site provides expert independent coffee reviews including information on how particular premium coffees are processed and roasted. The site is popular among home roasters as well as those who sell and buy green coffee beans.

Coffee Geek is a great collection of coffee opinions, consumer reviews, guides and how-tos, resources, and forums. Coffee equipment is also reviewed, and podcasts are available.

Coffee Kids
This non-profit organization that works to improve conditions for children and families in the coffee growing regions of Mexico and Central America. Coffee Kids offers various educational programs on such topics as micro-credit and health awareness, also promoting food security in communities where coffee farmers live. A primary goal is to reduce the farmers’ dependence on the coffee market, which can be very volatile, and to help address the needs of the coffee growing communities.

Coffee Quality Institute
This organization matches coffee growers seeking support with experts from the coffee industry. is a group that promotes education and science to improve the quality of coffee. Their website includes information about brewing gourmet coffee and making espresso, coffee agriculture, science and politics.

Coffee Review provides cupping reviews and prides itself on pioneering the 100 point coffee review, similar to what is used by some in the wine industry. The goal of Coffee Review is to educate as well as entertain premium coffee lovers as well as those in the trade by providing objective reviews and other information about coffee roasting and drinking.

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation is an international organization created by the Canada, the United States, and Mexico under the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation to address regional environmental concerns and environmental conflicts as well as to promote enforcement of environmental laws.

Cup of Excellence hosts strict competitions to choose the best coffee in a particular country in a given year. National and international cuppers choose the winners and award them the prestigious Cup of Excellence. The coffees are then sold to the highest bidders in internet auctions. A mission of the group is to generate higher profits for farmers.

The Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) is a group of 24 organizations dedicated to securing better deals for producers and helping to eliminate poverty by empowering producers through fair trade practices.

This well-designed website provides an online edition of their informative magazine. Freshcup provides information about specialty coffee as well as tea, discussing new ideas and trends in the industries.

Hawaii Coffee Association - This is a coffee trade association for Hawaii coffee processors. Information is provided about annual trade shows and conferences. The goal of the Hawaii Coffee Association is to increase gourmet Kona coffee consumption and exports.

Home-Barista is a website for the at-home espresso enthusiast and provides detailed espresso machine and coffee grinder reviews, forums, resources, and much more. They cover high end coffee equipment and provide independent reviews. They also provide tips and techniques as well as buying advice, and a nice section on roasting coffee at home. is a website that for small roasters. Their mission is to “inspire, educate, encourage, and assist those interested in great gourmet coffee and home roasting through networking, discussion, and sharing.” They promote a vision of encouraging the free exchange of information about coffee including forums, articles, internet posts, and through local meetings of coffee enthusiasts.

The International Coffee Organization bills itself as the “main intergovernmental organization for coffee” and had the goal of fostering cooperation and coordination between coffee producing and consuming countries, helping them to confront the challenges they face. The organization was formed as a result of a United Nations conference and administers the International Coffee Agreement. The ICO tries to help the coffee economy and improve standards of living by enabling government representatives to coordinate polices, encouraging sustainable practices, and initiating projects that improve marketing and add value.

The goal of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance is to empower women in the international coffee community, helping them to improve their lives through various programs such as providing self-powered radios to Rwanda farmers, helping women in Peru increase the amount of vegetables they grow, provide school supplies and funding, contributing cancer vaccines, hosting networking sessions and fundraising events, and developing international chapters in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador.

Kona Coffee Council - An organization of Hawaii farmers who “grow, process, and sell the world’s best coffee.” The Kona Coffee Council also offers a Seal of Approval on each bag of coffee their member’s sell. Their website allows you to search for farms with particular features, such as what they sell (e.g., bulk green beans) and if they offer farm tours.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival
This is the official website of Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, the signature event of the Kona coffee-growing region on the Big Island of Hawaii. The website gives details about nearly 50 different events that comprise this wonderful festival that takes place at various venues in the Kailua-Kona region. Parades, a scholarship beauty pageant, coffee workshops, farm and mill tours, gourmet coffee tasting events, and even a coffee-picking contest make this a can’t miss event for all Kona coffee lovers.

Kona Coffee Farmers Association
This non-profit organization is composed of Hawaii coffee growers and their website includes information about coffee-related legislation, events related to Kona coffee, and legislative issues regarding Kona coffee. The Kona Coffee Farmers Association prides themselves on being the “voice of the Kona coffee farmer” and will carry the farmers’ issues to the Hawaii State Legislature and “protect Kona coffee heritage.” Their mission is to promote and protect the economic interests of Kona Coffee farmers and the unique heritage of Kona Coffee, and ensure legal protection of the Kona Coffee name. Here is a list of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association participating direct-buy members:

Paradise Found Farm

Rowesview Farm

Cuppa Kona

A’Ama Farm

Buddha’s Cup

Daily Fix Coffee

Keauhou Kona Coffee Farm

Aerie Farm LLC

Sweet Spirit Farms

Kona Comfort

Rancho Aloha


Peles Passion Coffee

Kona Lisa Coffee

Kanalani Ohana Farm

Kona Kulana Farms

Kona Coffee (Wikipedia) - This is the Wikipedia definition of Kona coffee which includes a variety of information about Kona coffee.

Kona Historical Society -A non-profit community-based organization that seeks to “collect, preserve, interpret and disseminate the history of the Kona districts.” The Kona Historical Society maintains two historical sites as well as a research archive. They also sponsor public history programs which include lectures, living history programs, historical preservation, and off-road tours.

The National Coffee Association sponsors research about coffee production and consumption as a Trade Association of coffee companies in the United States. Their online newsletter is called The Coffee Reporter and is an informative coffee-related newsletter about the coffee industry.

The Organic Trade Association is membership-based association concerned with the organic business community in North America, and their mission is to protect and promote the organic trade with the goals of benefiting farmers, the environment, the economy, and the general public. The OTA has an Organic Export Program, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, and they also give Organic Leadership Awards.

The Specialty Coffee Association is a United States industry group that seeks to inspire coffee professionals and help them learn and grow to improve the coffee industry through education, training, resources, and business services. This is the world’s latest coffee trade association, with members from more than 40 countries, and includes growers, coffee roasters, and coffee retailers. The Specialty Coffee Association provides resources related to the coffee industry and promulgates standards for coffee cultivation.

Trans Fair USA is a non-profit organization with a goal of empowering farmers and farm workers by investing in their communities and farms. Trans Fair USA is part of the Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International and is the United States’ only third-party certifier of Fair Trade products.

Worldwide Coffee Guide

For excellent coffee knowledge see All About Coffee for information about coffee plants and coffee cherry and the world’s finest gourmet coffee beans.

Learn about coffee harvesting, processing, grading, roasting, grinding, packaging, storing, brewing as well as the coffee beverage itself. Also covered is Organic Coffee, Fair Trade Coffee, Bird Friendly Coffee and Shade-Grown Coffee.

Discerning coffee lovers will be interested in coffee flavors and qualities including the coffee’s body, aroma, acidity, bitterness, sweetness, and finish or aftertaste). You can also learn about coffee cupping (professional coffee tasting), read great coffee quotes and then take the coffee quiz.

Espresso Brewing

Tips on espresso brewing can be read about beginning with Pulling A Perfect Espresso Shot and Steaming and Frothing Milk and then reading the Barista Guide to Perfect Lattes and Cappuccinos which includes information about Espresso Drink Recipes.

Also see the best Coffee and Espresso Glossary along with the World’s Best History of Coffee.

See these final links only if you are a Gourmet Coffee Lover! and read these specialty coffee articles:

The Art and Science of the Roastmaster

A Foolproof Guide to Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

The Perfect Grind for the Perfect Shot

Gourmet Coffee Tasting Tips

Coffee Makers - Best Coffee Machines

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