Tea Party Movement Advocates Fiscal Responsibility

by dan on January 11, 2011

Central Concern of Tea Party Platform is Reducing Debt and Deficit

UNITED STATES (Jan. 11, 2011) - If you ask a Tea Partier what is the number one thing they want in the political arena and the response will most likely be, without hesitation, stopping the big spending and increased taxes.

Secondarily a prime concern is reducing the size of government overall, which is the only way you can cut spending and taxes at the same time, which the Tea Party movement considers to be a very real option and one that is starting to take shape not only in the halls of Congress but also in local governments nationwide.

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Tea Party Ideas - Happiness and Free Markets

As if a justification is needed for the desire to cut spending and taxes, the Tea Partiers can give you that answer to: the Constitution of the United States and for good measure throw in the Declaration of Independence. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is severely impinged, say the Tea Partiers, by excessive taxation.

Furthermore by interfering with the free markets by instituting big spending programs and bailouts for failing companies - including those who made all the subprime loans that caused the housing market collapse - the democratic republic is turned on its head and the incentives and excellence - the industriousness and innovations - provided by American people inspired by the competition of capitalism becomes a disinterested populace on the dole without incentive to excel.

Meanwhile the country goes bankrupt, jobs are lost, and the poorest sector of the population grows considerably say the Tea Partiers when asked about what they want.

Eliminating the U.S. National Debt a Tea Party Priority

Next on the list of Tea Party concerns is eliminating the National Debt which threatens to destabilize America’s currency, ruin the country’s credit, and leave an unmanageable burden for the next generation - all of these things again contributing to a large growth in numbers of the poorest among us and an increasing ability to provide help to those who really need it, says the Voice of the Tea Party.

A fiscally responsible government balances the books, says the Tea Party, while protecting citizen’s rights to enjoy the fruits of their own labor unburdened by ever-increasing taxes for a bloated bureaucracy that seems to do less no matter how much their budgets increase.

As if to justify its own existence the legislators continue to expand the size, scope and reach of government into every corner of American life…. say the Tea Partiers in response when someone asks them: What is the Tea Party?

U.S. Economic Health on Tea Party Agenda

The economic health and prosperity of the country is a major Tea Party movement concern and the reason that vast numbers of Americans earning paychecks have responded to the message.  The traditional messages of the two major political parties have seemed to offer two choices, either cut taxes and spending or raise taxes and spending. The Tea Party movement offers a third choice - cut taxes and spending. This is done by reducing the size of government.

The first step in carrying out Tea Party movement goals is eliminating all deficit spending. Just as American businesses are expected to balance their books, so too should the government.

Civic Responsibility a Motivating Tea Party Factor

Grassroots efforts by Americans to have their voices heard by legislators crystallized as the Tea Party movement. Springing up in response to massive spending legislation, the Tea Party protests were trying to make a clear statement that the people were watching this spending and they didn’t like it.

The people were passionate that it was their civic responsibility - to protect their children and children’s children - to not let the country go bankrupt as the new spending programs were taking place in an environment of a severe economic downturn, huge unemployment numbers, a collapse in the housing market, and on the heels of huge bailouts for banks and big Wall Street firms - when would it end? the Tea Partiers asked.

Perhaps you might hear a Tea Partier quote Thomas Jefferson when he said that “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” By speaking up they were at least doing their duty to try to save the country from bankruptcy and ruin.

Reducing Government’s Size is Cornerstone of Tea Party Movement

Both local and national governments have increased in size in the last decade and yet in many area’s the services are at an all time low, tax increases loom, and states and the country alike run up massive budget deficits that imperil the future due to the interest that needs to be paid on debt.

Why should the next generation be saddled with this massive debt? say the Tea Partiers, adding comments about reducing the many inefficiencies of government resulting in the continued increases in spending, taxes and fiscal irresponsibility which is harming the poor and middle classes alike.

You Have to Believe in the People, say the Tea Partiers

Striving toward greater achievements has been the hallmark of American greatness, and the Tea Party movement sees the fundamentally belief in the American people to excel as the key to future progress. Instituting fiscally responsible practices will create an environment where people will once again see the opportunities the country provides and have the incentive to go after them.

Tea Party Movement Based on Local Citizen Groups

Since the Tea Party is not a registered political party and has no central leadership it is by nature a grassroots movement with agendas and platforms set independently by each group. What seems certain however is that all of these groups are calling for a fiscally responsible government and that, at this point, the only way to achieve that is to reduce taxes, spending, and the size of the government.

All efforts need to go toward reducing spending and deficits, and a strong focus needs to be placed on reducing the National Debt. This will be the greatest service we can do for the next generation. When it gets down to details it can be controversial, to be sure, yet that is the essential message of the Tea Party.

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