Puna Coffee Packs A Punch - Hawaii Big Island Coffee

by dan on March 4, 2011

Premium Gourmet Coffee Outside of the Famed Kona Region

On the Big Island’s southeast side in the Puna region they’re growing some great coffee. So great in fact that it has been rivaling the renowned Kona Coffee in coffee cuppings and coffee tasting contests.

Coffee has been spreading to numerous regions of Hawaii in recent years as new optimum growing areas are discovered, coffee plants are cultivated and crops are harvested.

Puna Coffee - Hawaii Coffee Growing Regions continued:

In Puna there are now more than one hundred and twenty-five acres being farmed in coffee, mostly with the coffee plant varietals Typica and Caturra along with some Moka coffee plants.

Total coffee production in Puna is about fifty thousand pounds of coffee cherry annually. After processing this results in about ten thousand pounds of roasted coffee. In comparison, the Kona region produces about 2.5 million pounds of green coffee beans (unroasted coffee beans) each year.

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Most of the Puna coffee farms are around 3 acres and are located in a region known as Hawaiian Acres which sits at elevations ranging from about one thousand to twenty-five hundred feet above sea level.

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Puna Coffee Packs A Punch - Hawaii Big Island Coffee continued:

Taste Profile of Puna Coffee

Coffee grow in Puna on the Big Island is respected for its full body and heavy character with nutty overtones. A medium roast is recommended, giving it a resemblance to Yemen Mocha Coffee.

Puna coffee is a well-rounded coffee displaying a good body, aroma, acidity, bitterness, sweetness, and aftertaste.

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