Mokulele Farms Provides Top Quality Kona Coffee

by dan on April 3, 2010

Thriving Family-Run Kona Coffee Farm Also Grows Macadamia Nuts

Mokulele Farms is a lovely 7-acre, family-run farm more than 1,000 feet above sea level in the heart of Kona Coffee Country overlooking lovely Keauhou Bay.

This prime coffee growing area on the slopes of Hualalai Volcano allows the plants to be nourished by the morning sunlight and then protected from the day’s hottest hours by afternoon clouds and breezes.

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Through hard work and a passion for their coffee plants, the husband and wife team of Paul and Debbie have revived this once neglected farm into a thriving operation. From the coffee plants’ first sprouting to their first fruit, Paul and Debbie cultivate and care for the plants including meticulous pruning to keep the plants healthy and productive.

All of the coffee cherry are hand picked to ensure that no under-ripe or over-ripe fruit is harvested. Only the reddest coffee cherry are picked at their very peak of ripeness–this ensures that the fullest flavors and aromas are present in the Kona coffee beans. After processing to remove the pulp, the coffee beans are sun-dried in a traditional hoshidana.

Unique to Mokulele Farms is their skill as apiarists (beekeepers). More than 50 bee hives kept on the property have the wonderful effect of facilitating the vital growth of the farm’s flora and increasing the yield of the coffee plants.

Perhaps most importantly, the bees increase the coffee plants’ production of the famous Kona Peaberry coffee beans, which are considered the choicest grade of Kona coffee beans. A Peaberry is when a coffee cherry (coffee fruit) produces one whole coffee bean rather than two half beans.

While most farms sort out the rare Peaberry beans so they can be sold separately for a higher price, Mokulele instead leaves the Peaberry beans in with the non-Peaberry beans so that the gourmet Kona coffee can be experienced in all of its fullness just as nature intended it!

Mokulele Farms is also home to a flock of wild turkeys and a flock of wild chickens that regularly patrol the grounds providing fertilization as well as bug control.

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Mokulele Farms sells only 100% Kona coffee, and all of the coffee they sell comes from their farm. Mokulele does not sell any blended coffee–just pure Kona coffee.

Mokulele sells coffee through their website, at gourmet food shows, San Francisco Bay Area farmer’s markets, Big Island farmer’s markets, and local festivals. The website includes an assortment of products for sale as well as great pictures of the farm and the coffee plants.

Debbie has been an airline captain for thirty-three years and counting, and she regularly flies to San Francisco bringing the coffee with her. Paul had a career in the pharmaceutical field and now enjoys his life as a full-time Kona coffee farmer.

Paul and Debbie feel that the land itself infuses distinct taste qualities in the coffee beans giving their coffee a distinct flavor from any other Kona coffee farm.

Mokulele doesn’t regularly advertise coffee farm tours as they are very busy tending to their farm, which is off the main route where most of the farm tours are. Yet it is abundantly clear that Paul and Debbie are the type of people who would love to take time out of their busy work schedule to show you their farm if you are truly interested in sharing their passion for growing high quality Kona coffee.

For their regular customers Mokulele Farms has a very special offer, allowing the consumer to come for a special private tour after which they can spend an hour picking their very own ripe, red coffee cherry. Mokulele then processes what the customer picked and even labels it for them.

What a special treat this is! Allowing the true coffee lover who can only dream of owning a coffee farm to not only experience daily life on a farm, but also to enjoy the fruits of their own labors–this is truly a hands-on tour!

Due to their careful attention to detail at every stage, Paul and Debbie have built up a loyal clientele of repeat customers who then tell their friends who tell their friends…that’s why Paul and Debbie are constantly cultivating new plants to meet the growing demand for their hand-processed premium Kona coffee.

As if their proclivity at nurturing top quality Kona coffee isn’t enough, Paul and Debbie also grow truly fine macadamia nuts that are hand picked and husked, then soaked in Hawaiian saltwater rather than being roasted in oil like many other mac nuts for sale.

The macadamia nuts are then dehydrated using a very low heat, and finally vacuum packaged to keep the nuts very fresh and to preserve the texture as well as the nutritional qualities.

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Mokulele Farms sells Kona coffee cherry, green Kona coffee beans, Kona coffee parchment, and roasted gourmet Kona coffee beans as well as delicious and healthy macadamia nuts. Mokulele Farms is a member of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association.

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