Hawaiian Kona Coffee - A Sense of Community

by dan on October 10, 2009

Kona Coffee brings friends together. We may share conversation at the local coffee shop over a hearty cup of Kona brew, or we may brew a fresh pot at home and just sit on the back porch laughing and talking on a Saturday afternoon.

 Perhaps we take coffee after dinner with our evening guests, enjoying the relaxing moments after a fine meal at the end of the day. Maybe we take a coffee break with our co-workers during the day, sharing some friendship and re-energizing for the work ahead.

 The first delicious cup of Kona coffee in the morning is certainly one of life’s simple pleasures. Still glazed over with sleep we wrap our hands around the steaming mug, take in the heady aroma, and savor each sip of delicious Kona coffee.

 We appreciate the coffee’s body as it delights our palette and helps us awaken from our dreamy slumber. Basking in the aromatic vapors we anticipate that first taste of the rich flavors and revel in the essence of the hot bean that breathes life into our soul.

 The mere thought of Kona coffee reminds many people of those relatively few moments they are able to share in the morning with their family around them before everyone separates to start their day.

 Kona coffee brings people together, allowing them to pause and enjoy their lives, and also fosters an enduring sense of community.

 Here at Kona Coffee Roasting we revel in the enjoyment of premium gourmet Kona coffee - its range of subtle tastes enchanting our mouth, the warmth caressing our throat, the pleasant aroma exciting our senses along with the subtle qualities of acidity, dryness, and aftertaste - what can we say - we love it! And we hope you do too!

 Speaking of community, the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is coming soon to the Kailua-Kona area with more than 50 community events including coffee tastings of the finest estate Kona coffees.  The Festival takes place from November 6 to November 15 and also includes parades, a coffee-picking contest, coffee workshops, and lots of other fun events.

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Blue Horse Kona November 6, 2011 at 7:19 pm

It’s time to start the Kona Coffee Festival again…the 2011 one! The Kona Coffee & Art Stroll happens in Holualoa as always on the first Saturday of the 2 week festival. The Kona Coffee Queen will be elected for the next year. And much more… You surely will find yourself well caffeinated!

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