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by dan on December 6, 2010

Best Coffee Machines Revealed

When it comes to choosing the best coffee maker to brew your morning cup of coffee, you have lots of choices to consider. There’s Pod Coffee Makers that brew fresh-sealed Coffee Pods and there are Coffee K-Cups and also the new T-Discs which all make it easy for you to brew up a fine cup of specialty coffee.

French Press is Considered By Many to be the Best Coffee Maker

French Press is a method of coffee brewing and also the name of a type of coffee equipment. Considered by many to be the best way of brewing premium gourmet coffee, a French Press allows the coffee grinds to soak in hot water and then the grounds are separated from the brewing coffee by pushing down on a mesh plunger.

Using a French Press allows you to appreciate all of the coffee’s finest characteristics including its aroma, body, acidity, bitterness, sweetness) and aftertaste.

Great Coffee Makers - Convenience Provided by Automatic Coffee Machines

A primary advantage of using an Automatic Drip Coffee Makers is that when your alarm clock goes off you can awaken to the fine aromas of gourmet coffee wafting through the air toward your nostrils.

If you don’t want a full pot you can purchase an automatic coffee maker that is a Single Serve Coffee Maker which will provide just what you need.

Coffee makers come in many types and forms produced by many different coffee companies and there is an equally wide assortment of available types of espresso machines.

To round out your equipment needs you also need to consider the best coffee grinders. You might also consider coffee roasters if you are interested in the art of home roasting.

Great Coffee Makers Quick Tips On Brewing Perfect Coffee

Don’t forget that the fine taste of a premium gourmet coffee comes from all of the stages from the type of coffee bean varietals to how it was cultivated, the soils and irrigation.

Next is the harvesting and processing which may include a fermentation stage as well as drying, milling, hulling/husking and polishing, and the possibly aging. There is also sorting and grading and finally the roasting and packaging.

Lastly it is quite important how the coffee is stored and proper grinding is crucial. Then comes the brewing.

Pod Coffee Makers and K-Cup Coffee

A pod coffee maker is designed to brew either coffee or espresso. This coffee maker or espresso machine brews either coffee pods or espresso pods (e.g., a pod espresso machine) to brew espresso.

Coffee K-Cups, Easy Serving Espresso Pods, and single serve brewing systems are all good choices for brewing, as are the new also T-Discs.

Coffee Maker Guide to Coffee Grinders

When it comes to grinders the first choice is between a blade coffee grinder and a burr coffee grinder. Since burr coffee grinders don’t cause excess heat and create a more consistent coffee grind size, they are the best choice when brewing premium gourmet coffee.

There are two types of burr grinders including wheel burr grinders and conical burr grinders. The conical burr grinders are best for brewing fine specialty coffees because they are able to properly grind very oily coffee beans and flavored coffees, and they also have a slower rotation speed which is preferable.

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Great Coffee Machines and More

Choose from the world’s finest specialty coffees including Coffees of the Americas, Arabian and African Coffees, and Asian, Indonesian, and Pacific Coffees.

Make sure and check out our tips on Coffee Brewing for the finest Gourmet Coffees. To round out your coffee knowledge check out the World’s Best History of Coffee and also the most detailed and comprehensive Coffee and Espresso Glossary.

Best Coffee Maker Guide to Espresso Brewing

For espresso brewing it pays to expand your barista knowledge and improve your technique at steaming and frothing milk. Then try making some of the may recipes available for espresso drinks and espresso cuisine. If you think you are an expert then take the Coffee Quiz.

Of course you also want to follow the proper Technical Specifications so you can Pull a Perfect Espresso Shot and this includes the process of preparing the tamped coffee grounds in order to extract the coffee’s very best tastes to create the optimally concentrated shot of espresso.

Coffee Maker Guide to Espresso Machines

When it comes to espresso machines you first need to decide between a home espresso machine (also called a consumer espresso machine), or you may even choose a commercial espresso machines or a prosumer espresso machines. Your other choices are a pod espresso machines or even a fancy new high-tech super automatic espresso machine.

Virtually all espresso machines on the market today are either Piston-Driven Espresso Machines, Pump-Driven Espresso Machines, or Steam-Driven Espresso Machines. Also sold are the newer Air-Pump Espresso Machines.

Best Coffee Maker? The Choice is Yours

This Coffee Machine Guide leaves it to you to choose the method of brewing and the type of coffee brewing equipment that is best for you.

Depending on your priorities and needs, you can brew specialty coffee with single serve coffee makers, automatic drip coffee makers, coffee K-cups a pod coffee makers, coffee pods, T-Discs, and last but not least, the French Press.

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