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by dan on February 12, 2011

In Search of the Perfectly Brewed Coffee and Espresso

What is the perfect cup of coffee, the perfect espresso? It’s all in the brewing! What taste do you prefer? Some fresh-roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe brewed using a French Press?

Or two hearty shots of espresso extracted just perfectly due to optimal tamping and pressure and with a thin, golden brown crema on top retaining all of the shot’s intensity! This double shot is consumed “solo” with ceremony!

Perhaps you like to open one eye as you awake so sleepy in the morning already smelling the fine aromas of coffee wafting through the air due to your trusted Automatic Drip Coffee Maker.

Maybe you prefer efficiency and fire-up your Single Serve Coffee Makers for that perfect cup. Or you like your Pod Coffee Maker to brew up the fresh-sealed Coffee Pods.

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Best K-Cup Coffees

The Top Ten Coffees in the World

What’s that you say? You are a Coffee K-Cup lover. Fabulous! Isn’t it wonderful how they come in so many varieties and flavors including including gourmet coffees from many different countries and also organic coffee and Fair Trade coffee.

Maybe you are hooked on the newer coffee T-Discs which make it so easy to enjoy the fruits of the fruit of the coffee plant, the revered bean that is nurtured in far-away soils, carefully processed and dried, and shipped across the world to you for you specialty coffee enjoyment.

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Coffee Makers, Espresso Machine, Coffee Machines 2011

Many old school gourmet coffee lovers, and certainly now new school as well, love the French Press for brewing up a fine cup of coffee.

French Press is actually the name of a coffee brewing method as well as the name of the piece of coffee equipment (a coffee brewing device) which allows coffee grinds to steep directly in hot water before the spent grounds are separated from the brewing coffee by pushing down on a mesh plunger to the bottom of the coffee pot.

Properly brewing premium coffee allows you to savor all of the coffee’s best qualities including the body, aroma, acidity, aftertaste, bitterness, sweetness).

Coffee connoisseurs want to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee and so they need to choose their favorite type of coffee maker from the traditional French Press and automatic coffee machine to newer methods that show promise in providing a great cup of coffee.

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Pods For Espresso and Coffee

A pod is pre-packaged coffee or espresso, and they are made for pod coffee brewers as well as pod espresso machines. Espresso pods are pre-tamped and individually packaged, as are coffee pods, which preserves the freshness of the roasted and ground coffee. These two specialized types of coffee machines produce high quality brewed espresso and coffee.

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Pods are placed directly into the machine and usually the coffee is within a perforated filter so there is no mess. The pod just needs to be removed from the brewing machine and then discarded. Another distinct advantage of pods is that there is a consistency from cup to cup.

Coffee K-Cups - Premium Gourmet Coffee from Around the World

Coffee K-Cups provide individual servings of coffee as well as various other products including soups, hot chocolate, tea and more. A K-Cup comes in a small plastic container with a tin foil lid. The K-Cup brewing machine punctures the lid and the bottom and forces hot water through so that the coffee flows out the bottom into your waiting mug.

There are hundreds of K-Cup choices including most of the world’s top specialty coffees such as Guatemala, Sumatra, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Kenya and Mexico. Also available are flavored coffee K-Cups as well as and coffee blends in K-Cups.

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Coffee T-Discs Provide a Precise Brewing Method

The innovative new T-Disc is a coffee pod individually packaged and including a specialized barcode readable by a T-Disc coffee maker to determine precise brewing instructions, with brewing typically taking 30 to 60 seconds to brew.

For each type of coffee there is a specific amount of water used, brewing time, temperature, and for specialty coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos which require milk, the amount of milk to be dispensed.

Your Complete Guide to Gourmet Coffee

For excellent coffee knowledge see All About Coffee for information about coffee plants and coffee cherry and the best specialty coffee beans.

Espresso Machines and Coffee Makers

Also included are full details about Coffee Makers (Automatic Drip Coffee Makers, Single Serve Coffee Makers, Pod Coffee Makers, Coffee Pods, Coffee K-Cups, T-Discs, and French Press, (also see Best Coffee Makers), as well as Espresso Machines (including Pod Espresso Machines) as well as Instant Coffee and Decaffeinated Coffee.

Specialty Coffee From the Farmers to Your Table

Learn about coffee harvesting, processing, grading, roasting, grinding, packaging, storing, brewing as well as the coffee beverage itself. Also covered is Organic Coffee, Fair Trade Coffee, Bird Friendly Coffee and Shade-Grown Coffee.

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