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by dan on February 4, 2011

Do you hearken to the olden days of Italy when the barista was society’s most esteemed members, having honed their craft over the years until becoming a master barista? Good attitude! You’re just the person they want at a high end coffee shop specializing in providing quality espresso coffee drinks and other brewed coffee beverages.

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By getting a great barista job you can be on your way to a very secure future which can lead in many different directions from owning your own coffee shop to becoming part of a large corporation such as Starbucks that provides you with partial ownership and benefits.

Here are some tips that will help you put your best foot forward on your Barista Resume when you apply to fulfill your dreams and aspirations of becoming a barista.

Barista Resume Tips - A Wonderful Coffee Shop Experience

Remember first of all that a barista does not just make coffee drinks. A barista works with the public to provide them with a great coffee shop experience and also takes care of various other aspects of running the coffee shop and filling customer needs.

The Art and Science of the Barista

Yet another aspect of the barista craft is a knowledge of the coffee bean and in particular an understanding of how different types of coffee beans and coffee bean roasting methods produce different qualities of brewed coffees and espressos and impart a range of nuanced flavors and other distinct qualities including body, aroma, acidity, sweetness/bitterness, and finish/aftertaste.

Barista as People Person

Another equally important component of a professional barista is their ability to deal with the public and create a friendly atmosphere while providing fast and efficient service.

When you a apply for a job at a coffee shop this may be the number one thing they are looking for since they might feel that they can train you in barista and coffee preparation skills while it is much harder to instill the quality of friendliness and teamwork in a person.

Thus it is important to convey on your barista resume your ability to put a smile on a customer’s face and deal with a range of customer issues with patience and professionalism.

Efficient Service is Hallmark of Modern Barista Master

The best baristas have a deft touch in moving the line along and working in a busy environment. Multitasking is key, and while doing so still keeping the customers in the loop and not losing sight of the fact that no matter how fast you get them their espresso drink and pastry, if they go away feeling they were slighted in some way by you in your personal interaction you could lose a customer for life.

At the same time if they had a particularly pleasant interaction they will likely return even if their coffee drink could have been improved. Of course that is one of the things you will let them know, that if their drink isn’t just how they like it you will be happy to right the situation.

Barista Tips - Fast and Friendly, Friendly and Fast

So remember, you have to be friendly as well as fast, and these qualities should be conveyed equally on your barista resume. And there is also a risk of being too friendly only in the sense that it will hold up the line unnecessarily and alienate waiting customers who are watching the whole thing with impatience.

Chit chat is good, and this is done during the customer interaction amidst the business of taking the order and the money and giving the customer back their change or their credit card or coffee shop card.

A professional barista has a deft touch at the crucial moment in which the customer’s transaction has been finished and they can move aside to await their espresso coffee drink while you can move on to deal with the next customer.

If there is a particularly important conversation with a customer the professional barista merely delays them a few moments so they get the point that business is priority, and then comes back to them when they get a chance to follow up on what they were discussing.

There is never a need to be rude to a customer, and always a way to proceed with your job of making all the customers happy.

Barista Resume Tips - Other Fine Barista Qualities

In addition to making sure that your barista resume shows that you are a “People Person” there are some other things to make sure and mention. One is your neatness and tidiness both in your personal appearance as well as your work habits. In the food service industry this is an important concern at all levels as it is a number one priority for many customers.

When it comes to personal grooming important qualities are clean hands and fingernails, well-groomed hair (pulled back if it is long), clean clothing including shoes that are not old and ratty, and other neat qualities in your physical appearance.

The second half of the neat equation is your ability to maintain a neat and organized work environment. This includes keeping your equipment clean and keeping everything in order and tidy throughout the day.

By the way these qualities of neatness need to be displayed when you are picking up the application as well as when you are dropping it off, and not just at the job interview.

Tips for your Barista Resume - Working in a Fast-Paced Environment

Do you work well under pressure? Can you thrive in an environment where things don’t go exactly as planned and you need to deal with adversity?

Can you handle a rude customer while continuing to rapidly prepare them the best coffee drink they every tasted? These are all important things to convey on your barista resume.

Mention your ability to multitask and how your skills really shine in a fast-paced work environment when you can handle many things at once, no problem. Make sure that your barista resume is very clear about your focus on the customer and creating a positive customer experience by handling the many aspects of your job with elegance and efficiency.

Education and Work Experience on your Barista Resume

Your barista resume will include a summary of both your work experience and your education. Work experience should highlight working in the food service industry as well as working with public.

Education should mention any classes or training you have received while highlighting anything relevant to the food service industry, business, management and professional training.

Also mention if you have any emergency response training including CPR courses and other skills you have learned that could come in useful at a business establishment that deals with the pubic.

When mentioning previous work at a coffee shop or food establishment make sure and highlight the various duties the job entailed.

Make sure that you convey within your description of your work experience the positive attitude you brought to the job and the sense of professionalism and efficiency that you maintained during the course of your work.

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